Daddy and baby hand print - too cute! It be fun to do a father/son and mother/daughter handprints!

My childhood could have been so different…

My childhood could have been so different…

Moving box maze for flashlight fun. This would make a great game during a move when there are plenty of boxes and little else is unpacked.

This fire breathing, toilet paper roll dragon is SO MUCH FUN! Blow into the end, and it looks like flames are coming out of the dragon's mouth! Such a cute craft idea for a rainy day!

Paper Roll Dragon Craft

Fire-breathing dragon craft diy kids crafts/over creative crafts that will help their development and pass some time instead of watching tv or playing gadgets.

22 te gekke spelletjes voor buiten voor je kinderfeestje

22 te gekke spelletjes voor buiten voor je kinderfeestje

DIY Boxes + Angry Bird dog toys + homemade sling shot (Y stick and a water balloon launcher secured to a board and platform that the person stands on)= tons of exercise, laughter and fun!

Halloween Costumes: Astronaut Costume Comments | Classic Costumes | FamilyFun

Breast plate is a white plastic utensil tray. Helmet is white bucket. Air jets on back are 1 liter bottles. Add boots and American flags.

Fotovoorstelling boekje maar dan met de ruimte.

How To Throw The Most Awesome Superhero Party Ever

super hero photo booth-- These kind of photos have been popular for a while but I think my boys would love to see themselves in a photo as Superheros. Possibly hang in their room.

Vaderdag cadeau ontspanning

Car Shirt Tutorial ~ Daddy can lay down, and "play" with the kids. aka get a back tickle :) cute diy Father's Day gift kids always do this to their dad he and they will luv having this:-)

hoepel en douchegordijn

Hula Hoop Hideout Will Keep The Kids Entertained


How to throw an EASY Halloween party on the CHEAP

Spinning Spirits: Spinning ghosts: Hung from the ceiling, these friendly paper ghosts will swirl, sway, and spook all night long ;

22 te gekke spelletjes voor buiten voor je kinderfeestje

22 te gekke spelletjes voor buiten voor je kinderfeestje

Voor een regenachtige middag. Maar voor zonnige kan natuurlijk ook. ;-D

Printable Lego Mini Fig Drawing Template for the kids to color!- May use for Lego weekend this year to have competition with kids who can design the best lego person!

Octopus knuffeltjes gemaakt van een sok!

Socks turned into an octopus. Stuff with fabric or plastic bags, sew shut, and cut bottom into legs. So cute. Great idea for those cute socks that you just can't find the match to.

aadje piraatje - sesamstraat lied

aadje piraatje - sesamstraat lied