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a pizza with salmon and cucumbers on it
Wrap met zalm en roomkaas
a burrito topped with bacon, eggs and spinach on top of a wooden table
Makkelijke wraps met rosbief, eiersalade en veldsla
the homemade pizza is ready to go into the oven with cheese and pepperoni on top
Bladerdeeghapjes met Boursin en salami
some food is on a plate and ready to be eaten at the same time as others
Indische bladerdeeg hapjes met pittig gehakt
small pastries with mushrooms and spinach are on a piece of white parchment paper
Bladerdeeg hapjes met boursin en spinazie - Leuke Recepten
cucumber bites with toothpicks and bacon on them
Komkommer-Boursin hapje
the cover of kerstkrans met knakworsties, with vegetables arranged in a circle
Knakworst bladerdeeg kerstkrans – Recept – Allerhande
someone is pouring dressing on top of some food in a muffin tin with tomatoes and other toppings
Mini kerst quiches - Leuke Recepten
tortilla chips with sour cream and cilantro in a bowl on a plate
Gooische dip
there are many small rolls on the plate
Pizzarolletjes van bladerdeeg • OngewoonLekker.com
there are many pastries that are on the baking sheet and ready to be eaten
Hartig hapje: bladerdeeg met kip kerrie - Velthuizen Keukens Recepten
an assortment of appetizers are on a wooden platter with stars and condiments
Een feestelijke borrelplank..
small pastries are arranged on a table
Bladerdeeg borrelhapjes met brie (Homemade by Joke)
two wooden spoons with food on them sitting next to each other
Plank vol lekkere hapjes van Happig