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Mom, I miss you and your laugh even more than i thought i would but i hope you are dancing all over heaven. :) you are forever in my heart love love quotes quotes quote miss you sad death loss sad quote family quotes in memory

But only for a moment. Your soul earned the gift of eternal life, and you are forever at peace and free of pain. I wouldn't take that from you, but we sure do miss you, mama.

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I have a Guardian Angel in Heaven I call him Grandpa

My Dad is my guardian angel. I love you,Dad Happy birthday Daddy ! I love you and miss you everyday.

❤❤❤ In loving memory of a wonderful Dad, grandfather and great grandfather who passed away 24 Years ago today we had to say goodbye. I thought the hardest thing I had to do was walk away that night, but not hearing your voice, your laugh, seeing your smile everyday is by far more difficult. We miss you every day (((Dad)))❤❤❤

I wish heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice one last time.long distance phone call to my pop.hi daddy, I miss you. Can't wait to hear your laughter, and see your bushy caterpillar eyebrows again.

Because if they did I'd love to see grandma and grandpa and others that have touched my life that are in heaven

I wish Heaven had visiting hours. I would up there every day hanging out with my Dad, my sister, my Godson and my Grandparents.


Pink tree under a heart shaped cloud - whether this is photo shopped or not, still a neat picture.