Caroline van Hooijdonk

Caroline van Hooijdonk

Caroline van Hooijdonk
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Ik vind je lief

(Dutch) I think this translates to: _I Think You're Sweet_ "I do not know why, and I do not care. I think you're sweet, just so sweet, and therefore is the reason." Not sure what exactly it means, but I like it.


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I want your body pressed up against my heart..

There is nothing to add to something so incredibly descriptive of the need for true intimacy and so quietly and serenely full of longing.

I wish God would make "when the time is right" now!!!  Being away from you is…

I want to be sitting beside you on a park bench. your hand in my hand. no words, just a silent understanding that at that moment the love we have for each other is stronger than anything we've ever had before and we both never want it to end.D.