Carolyn Nagtzaam

Carolyn Nagtzaam

Carolyn Nagtzaam
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Het aanreiken van een brief in een voorhuis, Pieter de Hooch, 1670

Man Handing a Letter to a Woman in the Entrance Hall of a House, Pieter de Hooch, 1670 Rijksmuseum amsterdam

Rembrandts Claudius Civilis tijdelijk in het Rijksmuseum - Tentoonstellingen – voorbij - Nu in het museum - Rijksmuseum

The Conspiracy of the Batavians under Claudius Civilis Rembrandt about Oil on canvas 196 x 309 cmThe Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden© Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

All about me: Drawing full-body self-portraits on mirrors from And Next Comes L

All about me: Drawing feeling faces in the mirror. Child draws what he/she sees on own face.

LEGO Picture Puzzles

LEGO Picture Puzzles - I Can Teach My Child! LEGO Picture Puzzles: These are so fun for kids of all ages! Make the original picture of mix it up to make a silly one!

cOLLAGE avec les lettres du prenom

self portrait idea for little kids, art of a story,make a though bubble or cut the top of their head off and have words and drawings/ collage bits coming out on an oil pastel background Letras

I use these photo blocks in our block center. I take a full body shot and cut it out and then just tape it to a block. the kids love using them both in the block center and for other games they invent.

placecards, use packing tape + photo + wooden block for multi use at family dinners

Leuk om zelf te maken voor de kids: LEGO foto puzzels

These LEGO Picture Puzzles are super easy to make and even more fun to play with! Put together each picture or make wacky combinations with the photos!

Haas en schildpad liedje

Haas en schildpad liedje

De wedstrijd van schildpad en haas

Tips van Rian Visser

site over verkeer! :)

site over verkeer! :)