Les amérindiens

Les amérindiens * 1500 free paper dolls at international artist Arielle Gabriels The International Paper Doll Society also free Chinese paper dolls The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel * Mehr

" Meus Trabalhos Pedagógicos ": Dia do Índio

Cute and diff from all the critters that are usually made w Como Pintar la cara un Indio con Pintura de Dedos

* Indianentooien met golfkarton..

Free Native American crafts for kindergarten an toddlers.paper cup native american craft,native-american-craft-idea,native american craft idea for preschoolers

Un cahier interactif en histoire

Les Iroquoiens vers 1500 / Cahier Interactif

Totem de rentrée - Dix mois

This is an awesome totem pole project for Native American unit. I would use this project only AFTER teaching my students about the significance and meaning of totem poles in Native American cultures.

DIY Cardboard cactus - armadillo rodeo? @Stacy Thomas

For a quick change from crocheted cacti: make a cardboard cut out cactus