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"The Cube," as it is known, transforms into a room, then back into a big box when closed. By lowering the custom Murphy bed and rolling a sliding plywood door, Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski creates an insta-guestroom in his small, industrial-style Warsaw loft. photos by: Andreas Meichsner

By lowering the custom Murphy bed and rolling a sliding plywood door, Novak-Zemplinski creates an insta-guestroom. Photo by: Andreas MeichsnerCourtesy of: ©Andreas Meichsner

Tree hotel - sylvan village of Harads in northern Sweden, which aimed to elevate a simple treehouse into a world-class destination for design-conscious travelers. Treehotel, located in Harads about 60 km south of the Arctic Circle, consist of six rooms: the Cabin, the Blue Cone, the Nest, Mirrorcube, the UFO and A Room With a View

Treehotel by Tham & Videgard Arkiyekter is the grown up version of your favorite youth hideaway. Built on live trees in the forests of northern Sweden, the aluminum structure’s mirrored glass exterior reflects nature’s fluidly changing face while .

Residential structures have become something quite different from traditional homes and their original intent, but the SHolm House by Servo LA reinforces the concept of a safe haven within nature.

jaipur rasa resort - A wealthy traveler wishing to experience the freedom of a bedouin lifestyle while maintaining luxury comforts will find himself quite at home at th.

Cabin in the Woods HD Trailer - In Cinemas Friday April 13

not even sure what to make of this, Evil Dead meets The Cube meets God knows what else.