From the Farm

Inspiration from our home farm in the Upper Skagit Valley of Washington State.
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an illustrated poster with different types of clothing
Halloween costume idea. Dress like a "classic" farmer!
a bee comb and buzz on sign with honeycombs in the backgroud
Help Save the Bees
Bee Comb and Buzz On
the power of nature is so immense that if i can have it as my ally when trying to grow crops, i know i'll be successful
Feeling inspired by these words from Farmer Jim.
there are many different things that can be seen in this image, including the words and symbols
Small changes can make a big difference
a field full of tulips and other flowers with crates in the foreground
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, not far from the original Cascadian Farm!
a field full of red and yellow tulips with a farm in the background
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington
a poster with words from farmer's inn on it, and an image of the farm
The earth beneath our feet is so powerful.
an advertisement for a healthy garden with pictures of blueberries and green plants in the background
Healthy soil + healthy plant = good food!
two cows grazing in a field with mountains in the background
Mt. Chavall, Washington
the sun is setting over some mountains in the foggy countryside with a barn and trees
Morning light overlooking the farm
a red building with picnic tables in front of it and mountains in the back ground
We can't wait for fresh strawberries and blueberry ice cream from the farm stand.
an aerial view of a farm with mountains in the back ground and trees on the other side
Cascadian Farm home farm, Washington State
Wise words from our very own, Farmer Jim. Health, Choose Organic, New World Order, Organic Lifestyle, Health Facts, Organic, Good Doctor
Wise words from our very own, Farmer Jim.