Handwriting Without Tears

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FREE Poster to help students remember to put their name on their papers.

Pick up my pencil and write my name anchor chart {FREEBIE}

FREE Poster to help students remember to put their name on their papers.

Sensory gel writing. Fill a snap-lock bag with a bit of hair gel and some food coloring and mix together. Such a fun way to get your kiddos to write!

Preschool Letter G - In My World

We are back from our very long break! Let’s just say one of us (not me) was very keen to get back into it and kept nagging to do school work! And so, we started out Preschool Letter of the Week G with a beginning sounds basket. Filip took out the items one by one …

Learn to Write. 12+ Activities for early writers.

Learn to Write. 12+ Activities for early writers.

Follow us on Pinterest for tons of great kids activities and ideas. Activities for teaching children to write Before children can write, they need to build up the necessary fine-motor skills. Involving them in a range of fine motor activities will allow them to develop the muscle strength and coordination necessary for writing. Like many things that children must learn, writing is something that comes with time and practice. It also often goes hand in hand with learning letters and learning…

journals with 3 year olds

How to Introduce Preschool Journals to 3 Year Olds

Wondering how to introduce preschool journals to 3 year olds? Here are some examples of our journal activities, and how we keep them simple.

Woah!  Too cool! I like this because it can be quick and easy for review games....

Teaching My Friends!

By the time my friends reach 4th and 5th grade, there are some things that should be non-issues. There are some things I should not have to spend instructional time on. Basics. Thus was born the No Excuses list. Each year, after the first couple of weeks of school, I do a quick intro to the No Excuses list. This is a chart of things that, by the time they get to 4th or 5th grade, a student can reasonably be expected to be responsible for doing. Things like starting sentences with capital…

Inside you write what you would do on a rainy day...  Could be fun to do on a rainy day!

On a Rainy Day...

As a class we came up with a list of describing words for a rainy day. The students had to write two of those words on a raindrop in white crayon and then they painted over it with watercolor to make the word show. The students had to use those words in their story about the rain. I used the sentence starter: On a rainy day... The students water colored the top of their umbrella and added yellow boots. Umbrella Outside Umbrella Inside Boots Raindrops The cute umbrella and boot idea came from…

Alphabet puzzles - All 26 letters included!

UPDATED Alphabet Letter Puzzles (Lower-case Letters) - Whole Alphabet Included!

Alphabet Letter Puzzles (Lower-case Letters) - All 26 Letters Included! By Little Miss Teacher All 26 letters are included in this paid file download - a through z. Cut out each letter then cut each letter into individual pieces along the black lines within each letter to create the puzzle pieces.

FREEBIE! Scissors Poem

Freebie "Scissor Practice" Poem! Help young students practice cutting by using this little poem to chant their way to professional gift wrapping!

Handwriting without Tears Paper {FREEBIE}

Handwriting without Tears Paper {FREEBIE}

Easy Teaching Tools has created 30 templates that are fun and will work for any scholar in your classroom. The HWT packet comes with the following paper: holiday, social studies, science, thematic, and more! You can use this paper for the writing process, daily journal entries, thematic units, soc...

The ultimate writing center--- My students went from hating to write to fighting to get into this station! They will love it!

New Classroom Reveal…..Finally!

So I finally feel confident about sharing some pictures with you. I have shared several on IG already. Do you follow me there? Well, you should...seriously. Here goes nothing......... First, I'm going to take you through a few bulletin boards in our first grade hallway. My BFF at work & fellow blogger, Stacey, from Teaching Ever After, & I were totally inspired by Jodi's Restroom Review bulletin board. We went from having bathrooms in our classrooms to having a shared hallway bathroom. It…

preschool name activities

Preschool Name Activities

Help preschoolers learn the letters in their names with these fun hands-on activities!

Freebie for practicing pre-writing strokes. Great visual motor activity.

Pre Writing Lines - Free Practice Worksheets - Your Therapy Source

Practicing pre writing lines are an important skill to get children ready for handwriting letters. This freebie provides bold lines for early learners.

Sight Word Practice - Lots of great ideas for teaching sight words and writing sentences!

Sight Word Practice

How do you introduce and teach sight words each week? Our school system begins teaching sight words the first week of school. We introduce 3-4 words each week. We teach around 77 sight words during the kindergarten year. We begin each day with sight word practice. I have a student tell me one word, tell how many letters are in the word, name the vowel(s) in the word and tell if the vowel is long or short, and tell if the word has any chunks (little words or special sounds we have learned)…

sight word spell center....I like they have to write the word after making it with letters

Shared Reading Text in Kindergarten

While working in Arkansas recently, I talked with kindergarten teachers about finding the right kind of text for shared reading. I look for books and poems that are close to the guided reading leve…

Number Formation Rhymes - Teaching Mama

Number Formation Rhymes

I'm excited to share with you my Number Formation Rhymes! I've been teaching my little ones how to write numbers and wanted some rhymes to help them remember the formations. I found these rhymes and