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the fairy garden play station is made out of wood
Fairy Garden Play Station
We have a Fairy Forest we created in the woods beside our house with all kinds of Fairy things. The kids stop in and really enjoy it and so we wanted to give them a way to play with fairy houses and pieces and create their own idea of a Fairy Garden.So we created a Fairy Garden Play Station! This is where it all started. This is what we ended up with! Pick up two sturdy bins at your local Home Depot or similar store. We used the smaller $7 ones. Buy (2) 1x6x8's and cut 2 piece…
a metal tub filled with lots of plants and rocks
Celebrate Earth Day! 40 Ways to Use Nature and Recylables in Art with Kids
Make a fairy garden in a pot for hours of imaginary play.
a person holding a basket full of fake food in front of a screen with the words paint rock food for toddlers mud kitchen
a potted planter filled with miniature fairy houses
Pin by Kristie Beckman on Fairy Garden | Fairy garden pots, Fairy garden containers, Fairy garden diy
a birdbath filled with lots of plants and small houses on top of it
My Lovely Fairy Garden - CurlyCraftyMom.com
the top 10 best flower bulbs for containers with pink tulips and green leaves
10 Best Flower Bulbs for Containers - Urban Garden Gal
an outdoor garden area with several wooden planters
The Complete Guide to Raised Beds • Gardenary
tulips bloom times chart with different flowers
Planning Guide for Tulips
an outdoor vegetable garden with several plants in pots and fenced in area behind it
the steps to growing dazzleling dahlias info sheet is shown in this image
Planting Dahlias Perfectly - An Infographic!
lavender flowers with the words how to harvest, dry and use lavender
How to Harvest, Dry & Use Lavender Flowers
Harvesting and drying lavender is easy to do, and promotes even more blooms! Come learn exactly how to harvest lavender flowers, and several ways to dry and use them. Bouquets, sachets, and salve - oh my! #lavender #drylavender #garden