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an old fashioned television with liquor bottles on it's side and a lamp next to it
als je ergens in een kringloopwinkel ooit een oude televisie op de kop kunt tikken, dan is dit wel een heel leuk idee: we maken er een drankenkast van.. Foto geplaatst door janjaap op
a colorful coffee table in the middle of a living room with flowers and books on it
a wooden shelf with plants and jewelry hanging from it's sides on a wall
Boho Summer Crafts - Boho Crafts to DIY for Summertime
a wooden rocking chair with a cat on the seat
Painted Cat Chair by Andrea Ellwood
a colorful chair with a painting on it next to some bottles and a cactus plant
an old dresser is painted blue and has potted plants on top
10+ Fabulous Dining Furniture Bookshelves Ideas
a black chair sitting on top of a tiled floor
Of course, I won't tell anyone you ate all the cake! - Wuvely
a painted cabinet in the corner of a room with wood flooring and purple walls
Ik heb voor het eerst met de hand geschilderde meubels gezien op sites als Room Service Home; dat & # 39; s ... - Neue Deko-Ideen
a pink and purple table with two legs on the ground next to a white wall
16+ Impressive Furniture Makeover Ideas