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Dorian - The Sun Done mostly over the weekend, on my sister’s teeny tiny tablet and an outdated version of Photoshop… might make a progress post of this later

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Did you love The Nightingale? Check out this list of 16 books to read for fans of Kristin Hannah.

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*Takes glasses off* *Stares for 5 minutes straight* *Narrows eyes* *Tilts head* Mother of Marvel

Levi (Attack on Titan) | REIKA (the face expression is not bad, not bad.)

Vanilla vs Modded Skyrim with the same angle


Army Special Forces Heavy Assault Commando with Guns Made With Real LEGO(R) Mini-Figure Parts

This was me last night as I finished the fifth Michael Vey book. #reading #reader #readinghumor #readershumor #latenight

Hmmm. . . Who is B!Gaster? I like the dynamics of all three who are featured here, but I don't completely understand it

Whovians will understand…

In 1992, legendary writer and artist Todd McFarlane unleashed his iconic…