We're all souls.. Who happen to have bodies.. Regardless of gender.

Alice in Wonderland A4 Printable Poster Art - Mad Hatter Tea Party Imagination is the only Weapon Quote


Sleeping Beauty Aurora Quote ART PRINT illustration by SubjectArt


Nope don't do that nope nopity nope nope.<<IM CRYING<<< IM NOT CRYING! YOU'RE CRYING!<<IT'S RAINING ON MY FACE

1 like = 1 prayer. Just kidding. I want to know who the hell has time for that…

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 23 Pics



This is what idiot Sanders supporters want for America. reported: It’s worrisome that so many Americans see socialism in a favorable light these days. A May 2015 YouGov poll show

Pixar’s Rules Of writing - GREAT advice for any one taking a creative writing class or for someone trying to beat writer's block.

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Happily Ever After, Etc.