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Fashion Sketchbook - fashion sketches; creative fashion design process; fashion portfolio // Nichelle Singley


Want to learn how to paint trees? This very detailed step-by-step tutorial will show you how to paint 5 different trees. You will amaze yourself and enjoy these techniques every time you use them.

Wine Route Posters by Renate Avis - ik vind het een leuk idee dat er woorden met informatie zijn gebruikt voor de fles en het wijnglas. de lijn die gebruikt is voor de route vormt ook gelijk de wijn die in het glas wordt geschonken. deze poster vind ik origineel, pakkend en leuk

Oh yes, words don't work on me anymore. I might make you believe they do but... nope.

This is one BAD ASS female warrior. I love the detailing on her boots and her crossbow, though would've liked to have seen more of a sari style to her garments, either in cut or fabric. Still, she looks so confident and powerful. Rise of Heroes by Grafit , via Behance

Summer Flyer Template PSD. Download here:


Lepidoptery No. 1 by Andrea Lauren Art Print


1920s fashions - These dresses look moderate - even very conservative to us now, but back then, it was only a few years earlier that only a woman's ankle showed...

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Surf Royale by Dario Genuardi