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Party Games (m-n-m's OR skittles) straws and cups) take the straws and breathe/suck in and see you wins for most Simple easy and cheap go to dollars store for all items

Snacking can be both healthy and fun with these festive, no-bake silly apple bites that are perfect for kids at your fall parties.

31 Fun (and Delicious!) Halloween Snacks for Kids

Halloween is such a fun time! Even the smallest of things (like a snack) can be a part of the fun. These Silly Apple Bites are the perfect monster snack – & healthy, too!

Snoepgoed - Indianen pijlen van zurematjes

Brochette de bonbons flèche - 10 brochettes de bonbons à croquer - Elle à Table

Une idée sympa de rond de serviette pour les petits loulous... le hic, c'est le risque de manger tous les bonbecs avant de vraiment passer à table...

Fun DIY place card ideas for children's parties. Makes us want to go to a party

Candy necklace napkin ring - perfect for kids table! (Would be cute in pastels for Easter dinner kids table.

Cupcake traktatie

High Heel Cupcakes! Oooh La La

Would be great for bridal shower - Heels Cupcakes ~ This is so easy! For all the Bakers--Beginners or Experts! The heels are made with Pirouette cookies, soles with Milano cookies and then your own homemade cupcakes.

I love the look......but I'm not sure how much sugar a person can eat before going into a coma!!!!!   Still, these could be cheap " colour coordinated fillers" on a buffet.

Top 10 des activités pour retomber en enfance à votre

and maybe some candy. Set up an all sugar buffet with jars of your favourite candy and have cute paper containers for your guests to pla

A few weeks ago, we hosted a game night at our house. I like to make bite-sized food for game night so our hands are mostly free for playing. While brainstorming for ideas, I remembered the candy s...

Summer Camp- Japan Week Candy Sushi out of Rice Crispy Treats, Swedish Fish, Fruit Roll Ups and misc.