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This is the table I would put in my dining room. The white chairs and light brown wood match the style I am going for and gives off a cool color.

Femkeido Projects - zoiets zou toch wel ruimte geven! Met plankjes erboven met fotoboeken

Yellow and Grey chairs with blondewood and white and black lines -Femkeido Projects - Familiehuis Zoetermeer

ASPEN Nuestro producto estrella - una mesa perfecta para un loft y grandes espacios. Mesa de madera maciza. Polvo de patas de acero cubierto con

Handmade dining set - steel & timber table with benches


[DISLIKE/DINING ROOM] This seems more for show than to actually live in. This is really basic in my opinion and it looks bland and uncomfortable, if the chairs were coloured it would not look bland and more fun.

Tendencia en lamparas colgantes (7) - Curso de Organizacion del hogar

Tendencia en lamparas colgantes (7