Elegante diseño para centros de mesa y con poco dinero q mejor aún.

Brudslöja are what the little white flowers are called and i just find them so pretty. Small little table center pieces wit these and then one bigger one for the main table. With lilac roses. And little flower sticks with table number :)

simple flower arrangement

ENGLISH From the central point Stabbing Steel Grass Miscanthus Gracillimus Maiden Grass or Indian Grass Sorghastrum Nutans and FREESIAS in a funnel shape up <> DUTCH Vanuit het centrale punt steken staalgras en Fresia’s in een trechtervorm omhoog

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Modern Garden-simplicity in planters with 1 plant is consistent with overall design has more impact by Rodenburg Tuinen

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Tulips~~I love this arrangement. I love the colors. I love the vase. I love it all!

Villatuin: halfverharding split, paden beton, betonelementen rondom border

In front garden create a contemporary rectangular planter infilled with slate and surrounded by slate