time lesson.  I love sentence strips!!

Tell and write time. Students will make their own small paper plate clocks. This will reinforce the counting by 5 representing the clock numbers.

Een leuke oefening om in een hoekenwerk te stoppen. De leerlingen moeten met de dobbelsteen gooien, om daarna de juiste wijzers op de klok te tekenen.  Het kan gebruikt worden in elk leerjaar mits aanpassing.

Even thirdlings struggle with time! free clock activities, roll and write the time, clock parts, free,

Freebie Clock Craft!- perfect for math review :)

This tool is a handy arts project for students to keep at their desks. It is easy to make and effectively illustrates the relationship between minutes and hours. Since students can carry it around with them, it is an excellent tool for reinforcing number

Fractions of time

Teach them to get used to what a half hour after each 5 min interval is. Good general idea for teaching time on analog clocks

'Tell the time'  clock // free printable by minieco

‘Tell the time’ clock // free printable

Telling Time Game

how to tell time game: pick a card w/the time and then kiddo draws the hour/minute hands on the dry erase clock and if he gets it right, does the action stated on the time card (some: do a somersault, dance, find something red, etc.