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1890 - Le Maquis de Montmartre

Gypsies, also called Roma, Romani, and Sinti immigrated from North India into Eastern Europe and the Balkans several centuries ago. Although their nomadic lifestyle and colorful caravans are idealized &/or exoticized in literature, film, and the imaginations of many mainstream people, many Roma people have been forced to settle in permanent locations where they endure harsh discriminations and live in conditions of dire poverty.

Vintage 1960s embroidered Hungarian folk blouse @

Retro Scandinavian inspired prints by Jan Skacelik. Colorful and very cool.

Mid Century Modern poster, mid century print, Abstract art Poster, Modernist retro composition, minimalist poster A3

Mid Century modern print Abstract art Poster Modern Modernist retro inspired composition A3 - by ReStyleshop on etsy (19 dollars)

Giclee print, Half Pods, $29

Cole & Son Wallpaper | Feather Fan 89/4019

Cole and Son Feather Fan Removable Wallpaper

Great idea- it combines my (and hopefully his!) love of travel, and my Japanese heritage. 10 Origami Map Paper Cranes Atlas Cranes Wedding door TINEdesigns, $4.00

Collection: A Contemporary Event at

waistcoat / phillip lim