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Another erotic black and white photo that uses subdued light, a female breast, draped with a lose bra and the amazing detail of the woman's skin. In my opinion, a outstanding example of erotic photography.

Brahmavihara - Flickr

done by Squire at Trilogy Tattoos, fantastic! means “kindness, compassion, empathy, equanimity” in sanskrit . they’re principles i try my best to live by (:

The Four Sublime Truths of Buddhism

The Brahmavihara, four divine/sublime virtues of Buddhism, in Sanskrit (written in Devanagari script). मैत्री = metta/maitri = loving kindness towards all करुणा = karuna = compassion मुदित = mudita = altruistic joy उपेक्षा = upekkha/upeksha = equanimity