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Feeling stressed? Try these 5 indoor plants

Plants are a great way to brighten a room and create a relaxed atmosphere. Read on to see five of our favourites. Published May 2016 Written by Andrea Kovszun Monstera delisiosa Philodendron

❤️ Pilea peperomioides Pannekoekenplant of Chinesegeldplant - (weinig licht nodig)

Chinese Money Plant: Personality Trait: Quirky, Sweet, Charismatic Care Tips: Light- Bright, indirect light. Water- Drench and allow to dry before watering again. Keep soil well drained.

// Begonia Maculata

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Touch of Color - Dining Room - Eetkamer ♡ scandinavian | whiteinterior…

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Door in te zoomen op interieur details, zie je ineens een andere schoonheid in iets simpels als een koptelefoon of lamp. Inrichting details waarbij alles klopt.

tonje boganes: Nytt møter gammelt Great way to add eucalyptus to the bathroom with style

Philodendron monstera obliqua

Monstera Obliqua “Swiss Cheese Vine” easy to grow in bright indirect light and good soil. Can be allowed to trail like this, or grown up on a post or trellis. Leaves get bigger as it ages.

Vazen en bloesemtakken.. gotta have 'em!

A wedding inspired this spring look. Simple colored glass bottles filled with twigs. Can do the blue dye for glass thing.