TOILET PAPER ROLL SNOWMAN: Toilet Paper Rolls, Egg Cartons bottoms (for hats), Orange Construction Paper, Multicolored Felt, Wiggly Eyes, Black Maker, White & Black Paint, Paintbrush, Glue

TOILET PAPER ROLL SNOWMAN: Toilet Paper Rolls, Pipe cleaner and Pom poms for ear muffs. White paper to wrap roll. Multicolored Felt or ribbon for scarves. Black Maker and orange markers.

Leuke kerstboompje om te knutselen gemaakt van een papieren driehoek en een knijper - veel makkelijker kan toch niet?

Peg Christmas Trees Potato Four: Clothespin Christmas tree decorations. Easy cute craft to try. "Holiday Craft Week (No Instructions, just this photo.

Instead of confetti or bubbles i like the small pompoms

How to make tiny pom poms with a fork. Wrap yarn around fork until fat, then cut. Take a small piece of yarn and tie entire bunch together so that the knot fits through the prongs of the fork. Take off of fork and cut all the loops.

piet van propjes crepepapier

piet van propjes crepepapier

finger paint tree

Fall fingerprint tree craft for kids. Kids will enjoying making the different colored leaves of fall by dipping their fingers in fall colored paints and making their fingerprints on the tree in red, orange, yellow and green.

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Altijd verse bloemen #allesvoor #pasen #crepepapier

Altijd verse bloemen #allesvoor #pasen #crepepapier

fijne motoriek : scheuren en rollen van crepepapier.

Fine motor, art activity for pre-k and kinder. Print out a picture of a tree trunk with no leaves. Tear tissue paper, crumple and glue onto limbs.