De geheime kamer...wauw!

Secret door to hidden room! Teal blue walls and arched secret door opens to hidden room. Faux bookcase opens to secret room.


Cute idea for a playhouse.Cheerful "Constance" is a darling caravan that lives in the UK. She serves as a playhouse for a little girl. She's a 1956 Sprite.

#bohemian to go.  sweet gypsy escape.

The Gypsy Rose Bohemian low ride Super cool.and beautiful

Silfra, Iceland

silfra, snorkel spot in iceland I wanna go so bad! That looks like the best spot ever to scuba dive!


over-cab bed, white curtain "wall" hiding driver/passenger seats .Anyone Can Decorate: Camping in Vintage Chic Style Like how the driving area is hidden


Colorful vespa - How did this get on my car board - It must be the colors!

This Berkeley, CA whimsical take on the mobile home was built by a few DIY-minded fans of steampunk design. Calling themselves the Neverwas Project, the group of tinkerers created this self-propelled, 3-story Victorian house out of 75-percent recycled materials. |

World's Wildest Houses VIII

Neverwas Haul, A Steampunk Victorian-Era House On Wheels. Love the unique shape, attention to detail, and sense of whimsy to this art car that I would love as a mobile home.

Get in with the trend, get a The Garwood watch! So unique and so sophisticated

With smooth dark Indonesian Sandalwood, combined with its fearless unique red carbon fiber designed face, the “Sumo” is a sharp wood watch,

Sofá Chesterfield: símbolo del más puro diseño tradicional inglés. ¿Quieres aprender más sobre decoración?

Inspiration: Green Rooms