dutch food

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Kroketten...another Dutch food I could eat myself very fat on!  These are a meat treat that are deep fried and the mustard is heavenly!
speculaas, a Dutch cookie
The Dutch Table: Appelmoes. Eat it at the dinner table almost every night...
Traditional snack for New Year's Eve: oliebollen
Frites with mayo! It's the way I like my fries and one of the best street foods in Amsterdam!
Dutch Apple Sauce from HAK #Holland #Netherlands
Bolletje Dutch Rusk.....a regular at the breakfast/lunch table.  Dutch Rusk is twice-baked bread also known as Beschuit.  Served with 'muisjes' or as my mom would fix it for us kids was to put butter and sugar on it and then pour hot milk over it.  My all time favorite is served with butter and dutch cheese.....always fixed an upset tummy.....so many memories!
Oliebollen (dutch doughnuts)

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