Learn to knit Tina bean! Cuz this is a neat stitch. I love this knit stitch. Cast on multiples of Knit all right side (odd) rows. Row 2 and across. Row 6 and across to end, end with Repeat 8 rows for pattern. Or for Row 6 and start with a and end with

My favorite combo- dark blue with gold!

Luxe dark blue and gold geometric iPhone wallpaper, background

Ian Fisher More

Ian Fisher (INAG

danny epstein Ian Fisher, “Atmosphere No. 64 (Convertible)” 2015 oil on canvas


the gold leaf has a crinkly texture to it

Blue brown ombre

autumnal colours - maroon, terracotta, pinks and blues

Abstract sort of knitting pattern

Soft Furnishings by Nancy Straughan Printed Textiles

Clouds or foam

Seltanica light, lampe by Commonwealth


Loving Blue-Teal Color - really vibrant

Plant leafs texture

Calathea ornata cv 01 by chenkuntsan

Natural, neutral and textured

Sheep wall / cream tactile texture / emotion = warmth / use sparingly in contemporary minimalist interior design styling for soft tactile element

Knitting aka weaving

Making garter stitch stripes into plaid - WOW unbelievable - this is GREAT! After knitting garter stitch, then weave in the plaid stripes!

Pleats - fabric manipulation; white texture; pleating; textiles for fashion

This pleating is related to Thakoon's collection as it features some garments that have several layers of pleating. The minimal colours represents the rest of the collection.


white -Puka Shells: "In Hawaii, the wearing of puka shells was traditionally thought to ensure a peaceful and safe voyage, especially for sailors on a long journey, so puka shell necklaces were worn by those who had to travel at sea." -via Wikipedia

via @vachtvanvilt.nl on Instagram

She danced all night.



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a small part of a giant tapestry

a small part of a giant tapestry