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a group of green stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a white cloth covered surface
One big green family!
feltfinland One big green family!, via Flickr. These are fabulous.
several stuffed animals with different colors and sizes
Los Sorgenfresser o monstruos quitamiedos, para guardar preocupaciones - Blog de juguetes
sorgenfresser los monstruos quitamiendos-Juguetes e ideas
knitted stuffed animals in different colors and sizes
An Everyday Story - Baby Gifts, Kids Toys & Motherhood
Monster Softies by Danger Crafts
a red pillow with eyes sticking out of it's back pocket on a white background
Dekokissen -
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black and white striped pillow with eyeballs on it
funny pillow
four pillows with different types of cats on them and the words orange, black, and white
Travesseiro infantil
two stuffed animals sitting next to each other
rebeca danger
rebeca danger - Buscar con Google
a crocheted dog is sitting on top of a shelf
Hand-gehaakte producten
Color / Crochet Inspiration - Teckel
two crocheted owls sitting next to each other
Vauvajuttuja DIY
Prinsessajuttu: Vauvajuttuja DIY
two knitted cat pillows sitting on top of a table next to eachother
Очень хочу такую! Ну, Помогите..
two knitted cat pillows sitting on top of a black and white tablecloth covered chair
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a stuffed animal is hanging on the window sill
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