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Bans on Ivory Sweep Through the East Coast

I've always been vehemently against the exploitation of these beautiful creatures ( or any for that matter) Support Sanctuaries that have their best interests in mind, 3 REPUTABLE elephant SANCTUARIES in Thailand.

Why Seals Might Love Having More Wind Farms

New research reveals that off-shore wind farms are particularly useful for seals as they act like artificial reefs, providing aquatic mammals an ideal hunting

The Plan to Prevent the Slaughter of Thousands of Whales

Dozens of short-finned pilot whales have somehow become stranded in shallow water off the coast of Florida's Everglades National Park. Ten of the whales have already died, with several having been euthanized. Wildlife officials fear that more will die.

What you laughing at?

Very SWEET! This is like BRUNO and my daughter :)) This was my daughter and our first basset hound. They were just inseparable from the day she was born. He is gone now and she is a teenager but she still remembers Archie as her best friend.