To create an airy and nice place to work, without any excesses, for the finance and accountancy department: that was our task. As to not get trapped in the conventional office set-up, we decided to create a square-like atmosphere, by surrounding the space with houses. These houses in fact act as storage space, meeting room, archive etc. By fully respecting the white interior, the warm contrast between the carpet flooring and the oak of the doors and cabinets is truly enhanced.

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This could be the entry into your ensuite and dressing room.

Balken plafond kleur

color and textures: black piano, greige ceiling, raw door, zebra floor

Multiplex in het interieur

Mezzanine Sleeping Space with ladder. Wall of plywood joinery with sliding door. Designed by Claire Cousins.

mooi ontwerp, schuifdeur naar de badkamer, eenheid in materiaal op het plafond de wand en de vloer, Italiaans stuc in een licht grijze tint mooie combinatie met de ruwe bakstenen muur.

Lulu loves for my master bedroom if I was on the Block - the ensuite behind the wall of the bed, the sliding door and the black claw foot bath. Plus the sexy, shiny concrete floor.