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a man with a beard and glasses playing a brass instrument
a man is playing the trumpet in front of a building
Mucca Pazza - tuba player
an antique brass french horn on a white background
Highly Engraved Mammoth Sousaphone - Google Arts & Culture
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i'm all about that? poster with an image of a trumpet and the words,
"Sousaphone - I'M ALL ABOUT THAT... BASS CLEF - Funny Sousaphone Gift, marching band, brass band" Poster for Sale by HEJAshirts
a group of people marching down the street with large brass instruments in their hands and wearing white shirts
New Orleans
a mouse pad with a drawing of a cartoon character holding a megaphone in front of it
Mouse Pads | Zazzle
an old comic book cover with a man and woman kissing in a pool floater
Candy 56 (Quality) - Comic Book Plus