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a white bowl with red and black designs in the center, on a gray background
Abstract motifs in ceramic design
Penny Evens Australian indigenous art vessel
there are seven plastic spoons in a bowl
Seed markers plant labels herb markers. Garden decor. Allotment accessories.
1 for £2.95 or 5 for £10 Polymer clay seed markers, perfect for your home grown seeds! Available for: Fruit & veg Herbs Flowers Polymer clay, baked, painted in acrylics & varnished. Each comes with its own illustration and stamped name. Approx 13 x 1.5cm may vary slightly in length & depth due to the nature of the material. Just send me your list of any you would like. Please take care when pushing in the soil. Push in from the bottom. Polymer clay - is not classed as fragile. Since it is made from vinyl, polymer clay is flexible and you can bend or flex it if it's thin enough. This is normal and expected. It's 100% waterproof once baked.
three wooden spoons sitting on top of a plate
a wooden frame with some little houses on it and bunting flags hanging from the side
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