Headbands for the kiddies

"Isabelle Thornton" Le Chateau des Fleurs: It's a Circus Birthday party! Cute idea: make animal headbands for children to wear


diy recycled tie snake for kids - fun gift bag idea. Fill snake with gift items.

giraffe skin | patterns in nature by Adam Foster | Codefor, via Flickr

I love giraffes, as most people will probably know by now! But here& another reason why they are such amazing creatures. Their skin has such a nice pattern, colour and texture to it - I had to get a shot to add to my animal skin collection.

Morpho Butterfly Craft. First learn about the blue morpho butterflies of Central and South American rainforests, and then make a morpho butterfly. Science + art lesson.

Make a Tropical Blue Morpho Butterfly Craft

Kids can learn about the tropical blue morpho butterfly from Central and South American rainforests, and then make this easy and beautiful butterfly craft

Decorations at a Jungle Party #jungle #party

jungle animals Birthday Party Ideas