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9 Plants Even You Can't Kill

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How to Water Propagate Plants and Make New Plants for Free!

Many houseplants can be propagated in just water. And it is SO easy! I'll give you all the tips you need to grow healthy roots on leaf or stem cuttings.

Indoor Hanging Plants That Are Really Hard To Kill

A fantastic beginner's guide to easy care indoor hanging plants. Plus great ideas on how to hang your plants without making holes in the wall or ceiling!

12 Houseplants That Can Survive Darkest Corner of Your House

12 Houseplants That Need (Almost) Zero Sunlight - homesteading

DIY Pine Cone Bonsai - How To Make A Pine Cone Bonsai

DIY pine cone bonsai. How to create a pine cone bonsai tree.

15 Best Smelling Houseplants To Perfume Your Home

Plants are an excellent way to be close to nature. If you have a fragrant plant at your home, they not only help to uplift the mood, but also make the atmosphere truly wonderful! We’ve picked 15 of the best smelling indoor plants, and some of the all-time favorites to share with you in this […]

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How to root succulents with leaf cuttings

How to root succulents with leaf cuttings: Rooting succulents is easy with these simple tips.

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You Can Have Pets and Houseplants Too! - The Houseplant Guru

Many people tell me they don’t have houseplants because they have pets. I have kitties and though they do nibble on my plants occasionally, they seem to leave the ones that could harm them alone. Of course, they have a lot of plants to choose from, yet they usually just ignore them. But, if you […]

How To Propagate Jade Plant Cuttings

Jade plant propagation from leaf or stem cuttings is super easy! Here are step-by-step instructions for propagating jade plants from a cutting.

10 Cascading Plants You Can Grow Indoors for Home Decoration - Pastel Dwelling

10 Cascading Plants You Can Grow Indoors for Home Decoration | Pastel Dwelling - Discover our best practices for gardening and in-home diy!