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Chitta Kottenhagen
Chitta Kottenhagen

Chitta Kottenhagen

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The 5 Symptoms Of Laziness T-Shirt

The Five Symptoms Of Laziness T-Shirt, funny Buy Me Breakfast T-Shirts. #lazy

That awkward moment when you leave the shop without buying anything and all you can think is, "act nautural, you're innocent".

Gary Larson (and yes, I know there are no polar bears in the antarctic and no penguins in the arctic - still funny)

20 Funny Animal Humour Pictures

Thank goddess it's freya day! #persoonlijkparadijs

Top 25 Funny Animals Photos and Memes

Top 25 Funny Animal Memes

I won't be impressed with technology until I can download a pot of coffee. ~ C

Snow Pranks - No snow where I live but I found this so funny I had to share for those of you that do.

Landscapes Painted on the Surfaces of Cut Logs by Alison Moritsugu

10425068_10157187513785377_7869755293065107628_n.jpg (550×446)

17 Funny Memes for Nurses who Need a Dose of Encouragement #nursebuff #nurse #memes