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Resources for the Measurement and Data strand of the Common Core standards, grades K-5. These boards are no longer open for collaborators.
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Teach Think Elementary: Why are Line Plots SO hard?! Maths Centres, Elementary Math, Teaching Math, Teaching Ideas, Elementary Grades, Upper Elementary Math, 2nd Grade Math, Math Classroom, Teaching Third Grade
Why are Line Plots SO hard?!
Teach Think Elementary: Why are Line Plots SO hard?!
an advertisement for a school with a watch and ruler on the bottom right hand corner that says, fit more measurement into your school day
Add More Measurement to Your Classroom - Teach Think Elementary
Add More Measurement to Your Classroom
Why are Line Plots SO hard?!
Teaching Line Plots - Why are Line Plots SO Hard?! - Teach Think Elementary
Why are Line Plots SO hard?!
someone is cutting out pieces of blue paper with the words partition rectangles into it
Partition Rectangles into Rows & Columns
Partition Rectangles into Rows & Columns is a fun way to establish multiplication and area models with second graders. These hands on activities are perfect to develop conceptual thinking. Teaching Multiplication is difficulty, but you can make it fun with hands-on math activities that are common core aligned. Teaching Area | DIY Math Manipulatives
a piece of paper that has some sort of puzzle on it
Hands-On Manipulatives to Teach Area and Perimeter
children playing with legos on the floor in front of a sign that says area and perimeter activities at blog post
Area and Perimeter Lessons
children playing with colored blocks on the floor
Area and Perimeter: Getting Students Talking about Math - The Teacher Studio
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some sort of shapes that are made out of plastic and have the words shape on them
Don't Let Composite Figures Eat Your Lunch
a long hallway with blue squares and green lines on the floor in an office building
Measuring, Counting, and Graphing...Oh My!
We have measured EVERYTHING in our rooms (and the other 3rd grade rooms)! We did an amazing activity last Friday that I absolutely loved an...
a poster with numbers and symbols for the perimeter - area literature project on display in front of a bulletin board
Perimeter and Area - Teaching with a Mountain View
Fun and FREE lesson to teach Area & Perimeter using literature!
the door to an area has been decorated with letters and blocks that spell out areas
28 Creative Ways To Teach Area and Perimeter
a poster with instructions on how to measure time and the clock for each hour is hanging in a classroom
Telling Time Anchor Chart
a close up of text on a piece of paper with the title conducting surveys for photographs and graphs
Pictograph & Bar Graph Surveys - Teach Think Elementary
Pictograph & Bar Graph Surveys