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a man and woman are talking to each other in front of a whiteboard with the words responding to wrong answers in a positive way
How to respond to wrong answers in a positive way
Advice for teachers on how to respond to wrong answers so that kids will be encouraged to keep thinking and try again.
the words, why fact triangles work are in white letters on a pink background with puzzle pieces
Why Fact Triangles Work
Why fact triangles work: how to use fact triangles to help learn math facts and fact families, help kids memorize math facts
the holiday activities to review geometricly are shown in blue and white with snowflakes
Holiday Activities to Review Geometry
Holiday activities to review geometry: take advantage of holiday energy to review geometry standards and keep your students sharp!
a poster with the words teaching third grade fractions, everything you need to know
Teaching Third Grade Fractions
Everything you need to know to teach the 3.NF third grade fractions standards
teaching fourth grade fractions and decimals worksheet with the words fractions, fraction
Teaching 4th Grade Fractions & Decimals
Everything you need to know to teach the 4.NF fourth grade fractions & decimals standards
two speech bubbles with the words choosing and using student assessments on them in front of a blue background
Student Assessments: How to Choose
Student assessments: what to look for when choosing and using assessments in your elementary school classroom.
a pile of paper with the words why classifying matters written on it
Classifying Quadrilaterals
When students learn to categorize and classify quadrilaterals, that’s not all they are learning. They are learning an entire way of thinking that is fundamental to making sense of the world and understanding its nature.
the teacher survival guide for how to manage holidays and other chaotic school days with text overlay
Managing Chaotic School Days
Managing chaotic school days: teacher tips for holidays and other hectic school days, classroom management tips for chaotic school days.
a poster that says, why i teach geometric at the beginning of the year
Why I Teach Geometry at the beginning of the school year
What if instead, we teach geometry at the START of the school year? What if we open our math curricula with shapes and symmetry and arrays and grids? How and why might that work better?
a blue circle with the words using measurements to empower students
Empowering Students with Assessments
Empowering students through assessments: When you know what you can already do and what you need to work on, you feel more in control. How to help students develop a growth mindset through assessments.
the front cover of an upper elementary classroom book, with scrabbled letters spelling in blue
Foundational Reading in Upper Elementary - Teach Think Elementary
Foundational Reading in Upper Elementary
how to use team points for classroom management - teachmama com, teaching resources
Team Points for Classroom Management: How to do it & Why it Works! - Teach Think Elementary
How to Use Team Points for Classroom Management (and Why it Works!)
how to use TEAM POINTS for classroom management
In my classroom management, I like to implement systems on three levels of accountability: hold students accountable individually, as teams/ small groups, and as a whole class. This is how I use team points for small group accountability...
the instructions for how to make an origami - like object with text that reads,
Teaching Equivalent Fractions with Folding - Teach Think Elementary
Using Folding to Teach Equivalent Fractions
the cover of teaching teamwork in the elementary classroom, with three children wearing green shirts and red shorts
Teaching Teamwork in the Elementary Classroom - Teach Think Elementary
Teaching Teamwork in the Elementary Classroom