2 Weeks to an ABSolutely Amazing Core #health #abs #core #fitness

2 Weeks to an ABSolutely Amazing Core

Ultimate ab workout... gotta look fit under all my glam dresses that I don't have

Ultimate ab workout at home. gotta look fit under all my glam dresses that I don't have.

When people want to tighten their midsection, they typically hit the floor to do endless crunches.Unfortunately, unless you are already fairly thin and trim (naturally toned), crunches may be a waste.  It is  a common misconception that the burn you get from crunches helps reduce belly fat.  Many fitness organizations, such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), have confirmed that this “spot reduction” is a myth.  Specific fat deposits cannot be targeted with specific…

This is what my anorexia looked like before it got really bad. But looking at this image it looks sharp and painful. I see the beauty of the curves but the concave stomach and sharp hip bones hurts to see. Fire by Zisao Photography aka (Greece).

Working out by itself just won't cut it... we've gotta eat healthy too!!

Abs are made in the kitchen! So very true! This is where patience comes in. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but 3 minute ab workouts won't give you abs. It's all in the diet along with proper ab workouts!

Myths and Mistakes About Six-Pack Ab Exercises and Diets - Men's Fitness - Page 2

Eat More Greens - Green Juice Recipes for Health - this is a fantastic page about getting the right food for health and weight loss.

5 Fat-Loss Myths    Is your workout burning flab—or just burning up your time?

5 Fat-Loss Myths

Some of the benefits of Deer Antler Spray include: Promotes healthy, flexible joints. Helps in supporting weight loss regiments. Speeds up healing of muscle tears after hard training.

AB Method specifically designed to help post-natal women reclaim their abdomen

Ashley Pearson tackles reclaiming her abdomen after giving birth