Very cool clock idea. Black & White Clock | Ubergizmo

Black & White Clock

Pistachio Muffins With Chocolate Heart

this is sooo yummy!) Agnese Italian Recipes: Pistachio muffins with chocolate heart : Original Italian Recipe ___________

Picture of Multi key + Bike Tools + USB Drive + Bottle opener + Screwdriver (~$15 ~1hr)

Multi Key + Bike Tools + USB Drive + Bottle Opener + Screwdriver (~$15 ~1hr)

A good multitool packs a number of tools into a small device that's easy to carry with you. This DIY multi-key takes that idea and expands it to carry your keys, as well.

Der muss haben Sieben Sachen - Ein Backblog von Paul Bokowski: [008] New York Cheesecake

14 tsp stevia (stevioside) 2 eggs 2 egg whites 2 tbsps cornstarch 24 ozs cream cheese (softened) 1 cup sour cream 2 tsps vanilla 2 vanilla beans (scraped) 8 ozs ground (Baking Cheesecake New York)