The world's best hotel pools

The world's best hotel pools

A guide to the world's best hotel pools, featuring the top spots for rooftop pools and infinity pools, in locations including Hong Kong,…

Top 10 des plus beaux hôtels dans les arbres

THAILAND // Wake up to nature-soaked luxury in this amazing outer-Bangkok tree house hotel.

Il y a quelque chose d’indéniablement excitant à propos d’un hôtel hors du commun situé dans un emplacement exotique.

14 Crazy Hotels You’ll Want To Book A Room In Immediately

Cette piscine originale relie deux immeubles à Londres !

It will be the nearest thing to flying - swimming in a glass pool suspended 115 feet above the ground. But for the residents of Embassy Gardens in London, it'll be just an ordinary morning splash. The completely transparent pool will bridge the