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Etruscan fresco of Achilles's ambush of Troilus, detail, Tomb of the Bulls City: Tarquinia. Photo Scala, Florence

Artist: Etruscan art Title: Achilles's ambush of Troilus - detail Location: Tomb of the Bulls City: Tarquinia Country: Italy Period/Style: Etruscan Genre: Fresco Credits:Photo Scala, Florence - courtesy of the Ministero Beni e Att.

Original in the Tomba degli Scudi (Tarquinia, after 350 B.C.). Larth Velcha and his wife Velia Seitithi, identified by inscriptions, are banqueting accompanied by a young girl with a fan. Above a dark wall several rows of inscriptions. Under the figure frieze a row of black wave pattern. (NY Carlsberg Glyptotek Catalogue)

Etruscan tomb fresco of a couple banqueting accompanied by a young girl with a fan Tarquina The inscription have been written over the original Etruscan inscriptions NY Carlsberg Glyptotek Catalogue

Ipogeo dei Volumni di Perugia. Questa tomba ipogea etrusca si sviluppa in diverse stanze. Nella foto vediamo l'atrio, l'alcova dei padroni di casa e due delle otto stanzette laterali

Volumni Hypogeum One of the most important Etruscan tombs, is part of the larger necropolis known as Palazzone, now archaeological park.

1045px-Antefissa_a_testa_di_sileno_con_nimbo,_V_sec_ac,_da_veio_(M.Arch._dell'agro_falisco).JPG (1045×1024)

1045px-Antefissa_a_testa_di_sileno_con_nimbo,_V_sec_ac,_da_veio_(M.Arch._dell'agro_falisco).JPG (1045×1024)

Sarcofago etrusco - from Chiusi, Archaeological Museum Florence

The Etruscan painted terracotta sarcophagus of Seainti Hanunia Tlesnasa, dates to about BCE, from Poggio Cantarello, near Chiusi in Tuscany. The skeleton from the sarcophagus was found to.