Love is about complete acceptance, no matter what the issues are in your marriage. Love never fails ! Its not the in love feeling, its a lasting, going to make this work no matter what feeling !


Reading Scripture Contemplatively with Lectio Divina

This is so very true, Everyone deserves a little happiness in this life, you will find it when you find just how awesome God is and what he will do in spite of ourselves! He is faithful when we are not! quotes-comments-and-sayings


Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams inspirational quotes

365 Dagen Succesvol - Top 10

Als ongeluk in een klein hoekje zit, dan zit geluk dus overal - Overal

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Can I dream of you, so at least we can sleep together tonight

Especially one with kids dating age... lol

Especially one with kids dating age.

Prachtig !!! Beautiful !!!

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