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Gorgeous Paper Flower Bouquet for kids to make. This is a simple, pretty and inexpensive craft and is perfect as both a spring craft and Mother's Day Idea!

Paashaas maken met een leuke tekentechniek

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A great fine and visual motor skill activity that includes art in the development of hand, finger, and wrist strength.


Easter wreath craft idea for kids

Cute! Uitleg staat op de site!

La farandole des petits oeufs - Le tour de mes idées

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Voilà de jolis lapins à faire à la maison avec les enfants ou en classe dans le cadre d'un atelier dessins et collages créatifs.. source photos et dessins du : blog pedagogie.ac-toulouse.fr

Dessiner un lapin graphisme, modèles et gabarits

Bunny line drawing

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Kandinsky Art idea for Mother's Day Activity. Great for Casual Work too. Put a colorful paper bouquet on a card.

Mother's Day Put a colorful paper bouquet on a card. Would make an awesome Mother's Day card!

Kamer Esmee; poster met Konijn erop, Sparkling Paper - Dreumes enZo

A rabbit made of tiny stripes

Kuvis ja askartelu - www.opeope.fi:

Kuvis ja askartelu - www.opeope.fi:

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Construction paper flowers.

paper flowers perfect for teacher appreciation

Flower Fields crafts for kids Spring In the spring you can see the beautiful flower fields in some regions After looking at a number of pictures of this love to recreate it yourself. First, there is drawn a horizontal line at about half of the leaf. Then you draw vertical lines to the center point of this line. Now, the boxes can be filled with balls of paper mache. Above the line can be pieced a Dutch scene. Thanks to Mrs. Annemiek!

Flower Fields crafts for kids Spring In the spring you can see the…


Moederdag/grootouderdag DIY: Great project for teachers to do in art class, kids to do at home with parents or grandparents for Mother's day or any day! Cut paper relief sculptures in tin can planters.