Use those old throw away builder grade mirrors. On craigslist for free all the time. Build a frame & presto

large mirror, bench, pillows entry way

staircase gallery wall. I love the contrast in angles. Get the perfect arrangement with Hooked on Paint Polymagnets on magnetic paint.

This is actually a cool option for the stairways. The main stairway could have art this way up, as opposed to gallery up stairs, neat and organized. From the article Joanne Hudson’s Beach House in Philadelphia Magazine

white frames gallery wall

small space collage/picture wall - all white frames good choice

Trendy muurdecoratie Ogu Vintage, een chique woord voor tweedehands. Maar nostalgische beelden van personen en materialen in een Ogu geeft je interieur een gloednieuw leven!

Ogu design wanddecoratie, magic is something you make!

just loving the tiles on the floor @

spiegels in hall voor ruimer effect

eclectic gallery art walls

Photo arrangements for gallery display, staircase display, or ledge display.

Do this before making a gallery wall. Hold piece of paper on back of frame and mark with Sharpie where to put the nail-then tape back on wall and nail right through the paper! Voila!

How to design your wall gallery this first! Trace shape of frame onto paper. Figure out where you want to hang them. Nail the paper into the wall. Then when hanging print, tear paper out and nail is pre-hung in the right spot for you :)

spiegel steigerhout - Google zoeken

spiegel steigerhout - Google zoeken

Love the look of this staircase picture gallery.  Hanging pictures like these are easy with new Hooked on Paint Hanging Magnets and magnetic paint.

Family Wall ~ Staircase Photo Collage I need to do this on my stairwall photo wall

Leuk voor in de hal lekker friss

Stairway styling - photos and prints with washi tape