So smart!! File holder attached on the cupboard door.

Clever storage solution for kitchen essentials: Magazine holder attached to inside of cabinet door, used to house aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, etc.

lovely organization - putting smaller items on a tray makes it look like one thing on the counter or dresser instead of several smaller things looking cluttery

Your Kitchen Checklist to Help You Put Together Your Wedding Registry

Birdhouses | GardenDrum would be great for lake house.

I love wine cork projects. Stop hiding your surplus of wine corks! Just a couple more bottles of wine and I'll have enough corks to finish my project.

Kast van Brabantia broodtrommels

I sooo want to make this! Old Breadboxes from Brabantia reisde and turned into a cupboard/closet shelves.

Growing Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps!

Easy Gardening: Growing Vegetables Plants from Kitchen Scraps!