Stacking records

45 RPM records with a stacker = big time! I've still got a slew of 45 records and a record player to play them on.

Handgeschreven brieven. Toen had ik nog penvriendinnen waar ik veel mee schreef. Tegenwoordig gaat alles digitaal.

I love old letters. but it's sad that my kids and grandkids won't be able to experience the same enjoyment since writing hand-written letters are so scarce these days. let's don't lose the enjoyment of hand-written letters!

weegschaal bij de groenteboer en de slager

La balance du boucher ou du crémier où on m'envoyait faire les courses.

Remember playing this?

Chinese Jump Rope - Must accomplish specific series of moves without making an error. It has been popular for many years, certainly since the in the United States. In New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain children refer to the game as "Elastics".

Things of the past (70's,80's,90's) - Dingen van vroeger (70's,80's,90's) ( Eurocheque voor op vakantie buiten Nederland )

Things of the past - Dingen van vroeger ( Eurocheque voor op vakantie )

plakstrip voor vliegen.

Fly paper strips - These worked well.with the doors open and no air they were a must.

Walkman, remember the foam always came off.

Sony Walkman - remember when we had to "fast forward" and "rewind" and "flip the tape over"? The Ipod echte!  He rode on a white horse to visit the school behind my house with his helper Swart Pete

Sinterklaas---interesting looks more like a pope to me than any semblance to santa or father christmas but the real st nick was a saint so who knows


Zou iemand van onder de 30 nog weten wat het was ?