Prepositional concepts, body part vocabulary, following directions, answering What happened questions?   (Put the bandaid on the dog's nose....).  Great activity to use during a vetenarian dramatic play to increase language.

Tons of activities you could play with band-aids and stuffed animals. -place band-aids using language (between puppy's eyes, behind puppy's ears) -dramatic play (vet) -listening (kinda like simon says; place the red band-aid on puppy's nose, etc)

Farm BINGO- inferences, identifying objects by description

Free on TPT- Practice farm-themed vocabulary words and inferences while playing this fun BINGO game. All you need to do is laminate the BINGO cards and cut out .

Dobbelstenen met spelling - Onderwijs Maak Je Samen

Dobbelstenen met spelling - Onderwijs Maak Je Samen

emotie: 40 buien van Donald Duck >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Door je emoties te uiten, laat je aan anderen zien hoe het met je gaat. >>> Ontdek spelenderwijs de taal van emoties. TIP's op

In Dominant Culture, Donald Duck is a icon has important place in American culture. He can represent some of American values and cultural practices.