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Cielke Vinken
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Crazy Shoes #legos

Yes, they are actual shoes, and yes again they’re really made out of Lego! British art and contemporary product design visionary, Finn Stone created these unique shoes. Wear them at your own risk around kids though!

Pencil shoes from modcloth » As a girl that spends a lot of time around pencils these might be perfect for me!

Pencil shoes from modcloth Everyone is saying these are great for teachers. I don't know a single teacher who would be caught dead in these. They'd be great student punishment shoes, though! "You didn't bring a pencil?

Fruit shoes... we love them!

Australian designer Kira Goodey creates bespoke shoes with a difference. Her playful and ironic collections have carved a niche for her in the London design scene, where she previously worked at.