Camera with flash lol

Yes kids, we had to actually purchase flashes for our cameras. Does anyone else remember these? My first camera was pink, used 110 film, and I had to save my money to buy these 10 use flip flash bulbs.

Een ketting van madeliefjes. Voorzichtig met je nagel het steeltje een klein stukje splijten, waar je het volgende steeltje doorheen haalde. De laatste moest heeel voorzichtig, want daar moest het bloemhoofdje doorheen om de ketting te sluiten..

Making daisy chains during P. when the teacher was talking to be told that I couldn't play rounders etc and had to sit for the hour making daisy chains. Thank you Sir!

Old School

Old broken cassette. Image of music, pencil - 23214900


If you were a Barbie doll fan in you probably had or wanted to get the new doll in the line up - Skipper came out that year. 'They' tell me she was Barbie's sister and was created to help allay some of the criticism that Barbie was too sexy a doll.

summer in the eighties...who remembers these flip flops? Loved my "thongs" I want a pair of these!

summer time, this is how we rolled. These were called thongs, not flip flops, as they are called today.

design can be based around something iconic, a rebrand of classic piece of tech. These cassetes are all the same and at the same time different and customisable. could work in playlist creation and custom profiles.

Cassette tapes ~ I had boxes loaded with "mix" tapes (made from holding the tape recorder up to radio or tv)

Schooletui Wilde ik ook zo verschrikkelijk graag hebben. En hoe gelukkig ik was toen ik hem kreeg. De geur was zo heerlijk dat ik er constant aan lag te ruiken.

Pencil case, old-school, with leads for propelling pencils and spare nibs for your pen.

De Wrekers

The New Avengers photoshoot Joanna Lumley as Purdey, Patrick Macnee as Steed & Gareth Hunt as Gambit

Leuk voor 5 minuten

Etch-a-Sketch - one of my favorite toys. I pretended to be Magic Drawing Board on Captain Kangaroo. I use to have one of these when I was a little kid!

Suikerzakjes sparen en dan lekker de suiker opeten

Suikerzakjes sparen, mijn vader had schoenendozen vol.