Hay puzzle cushions http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/spring-add-little-sunshine/

Sarah Ellison for Real Living May 2013 Linen blanket - pink wall tape - gold mirror all from The Minimalist. Love the colors

Muuto e27 light http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/spring-add-little-sunshine/

Uusi muste diy light - great idea - I have some of the raw pieces, like the idea of the bracket, so sensible;

Covetable Eames chairs http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/spring-add-little-sunshine/

Items similar to Eames DSR Chair Print - Retro Home Decor Poster - Life is Colorful on Etsy - Dezdemons

Hay cushions

Kule puter fra hay - Pillows are just an important part of Danish "hygge"

Muuto Elevated vase http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/spring-add-little-sunshine/

The ELEVATED VASE plays with the contrast between the airy glass top and the heavy solid base of the vase. Made with mouth blown glass, Elevated is sculptural a

My Visit To Muuto in Copenhagen http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/spring-add-little-sunshine/

My Visit To Muuto in Copenhagen

Muuto - E27 pendant lamp http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/spring-add-little-sunshine/

Creating the illusion of space

Elevated vase, rose http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/spring-add-little-sunshine/

Elevated vase, rose

Thomas Bentzen's Elevated vase for Muuto is inspired by his affinity with nature. The wood represent the roots in the soil and the glass the airy treetop. Available to buy online in blown glass with a solid ash base in grey, green or rose.

HAY cushions http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/spring-add-little-sunshine/

HAY cushions http://cimmermann.co.uk/blog/spring-add-little-sunshine/