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Renesas' RYZ012 Bluetooth Low Energy 5 Module

Bluetooth Low Energy 5 Module from Renesas for Ultra-Low-Power IoT Applications

The Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced that they are ready to ship the sample of the new RYZ012 Bluetooth module that has been designed especially for the ultra-low-power IoT applications. As the Renesas’ first Bluetooth low energy 5 modules, RYZ012 integrates a 2.4 GHz RF transceiver supporting the IEEE802.15.4 multi-standard wireless protocol, Bluetooth Low Energy

LAN8770 OPEN Alliance TC10 Sleep Standard Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver

Single Pair Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver with TC10 Sleep Standard for Compact Automotive Applications

Microchip Technology introduced the LAN8770, an OPEN Alliance TC10 sleep standard Ethernet Physical layer transceiver (PHY) that has four-time lower sleep current (15 µA) than other available devices. The IEEE 802.3bw-2015 specification compliant LAN8770 is a compact, cost-effective, single-port 100BASE-T1 Ethernet PHY packed in a 5x5 mm or 6x6mm wettable-flanks QFN.

B-L4S5I-IOT01A STM32 Discovery kit

Latest STM32 Discovery Kit and Expansion Software Simplifies IoT-Node Connectivity and Security

STMicroelectronics is simplifying the complex software challenges that face developers of IoT nodes by introducing the B-L4S5I-IOT01A STM32 Discovery kit. The kit comes with a qualified port of FreeRTOS, fully integrated into the STM32Cube ecosystem, and ready to connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

5KG Load Cell with HX711 A/D Weight Sensor Module – QuartzComponents

10KG Load Cell with HX711 A/D Weight Sensor Module

This 5KG load cell made up of aluminium alloy can measure upto 5 kg load and outputs in the form of electrical signals proportionally. This sensor will use a HX711 Analog to Digital signal converter, it is easy to use with driving voltage 5-10V and produce the output voltage as per the force changes over it.

Infineon's TLI493D-W2BW 3D Magnetic Sensor Electronics Components, Magnets

3D Magnetic Sensor for Compact Power Saving Industrial and Consumer Application

The Infineon Technologies AG is going to expand its XENSIV 3D magnetic sensor family TLv493D with the introduction of the TLI493D-W2BW. The new sensor uses the latest 3D Hall generation from Infineon and is housed in an extremely small (1.13 mm x 0.93 mm x 0.59 mm) wafer-level (WLB-5) package.

InvenSense SmartBug- Wireless Multi Sensor IoT Module Hvac Filters, Electronics Components, Data Collection, Ergonomic Mouse, Sd Card, Arduino, Circuit, Wellness

Wireless Multi-Sensor IoT Module with Precision Algorithms for Smart Home and Wellness Monitoring Applications

TDK Corporation has introduced the InvenSense SmartBug, a compact, out-of-the-box, wireless multi-sensor solution designed especially for the commercial and consumer IoT applications. The SmartBug provides quick and easy access to reliable and smart sensor data without the need for programming, soldering, or extra modifications.

Automotive Compliant 3.5A Synchronous Buck Converters Electronics Components

Automotive Compliant 3.5A Synchronous Buck Converters for Point of Load (POL) Applications

Diodes Incorporated has introduced AP64350Q, AP64351Q, and AP64352Q, a series of automotive-compliant, 3.5A, Synchronous buck converters that combine a low quiescent current with a wide input voltage range of 3.8V to 40V point of load (POL) applications.

RN5T5610 and RN5T5612 Single-Chip Power Management ICs Dc Dc Converter, Electronics Components, Management, Industrial

Single-Chip Power Management ICs for Continuous Operation in Industrial Applications

Ricoh has introduced two new PMICs namely RN5T5610 and RN5T5612, this single-chip solution provides four high-efficiency step-down DC/DC converters, seven low-dropout regulators, four GPIOs, an interrupt controller (INTC), and an I2C-Bus interface. These devices are designed for continuous operation in industrial applications in a wide operating temperature condition

New PSX Series of High Speed Fuses Energy Density, Electronics Components, Energy Storage, High Energy, Oil And Gas, High Speed, Place Card Holders

New High-Speed Fuses from LittleFuse for Battery Energy Storage Applications

The new PSX series of high-speed fuses introduced from Littel fuse, Inc. offers up to 1500DC voltage rating and 100kA DC breaking capacity at 1500V DC for providing great protection in the smallest NH XL package to facilitate designing of more compact high energy density. The new device offers high-speed protection at these increases voltage ratings coupled with better

ZSSC4132 Automotive Pressure Sensor Electromagnetic Compatibility, Noise Sensitivity, Bill Of Materials, Electronics Components, Tight Budget, Control System, Integrity, Flexibility, Digital

Flexible And Cost-Effective Automotive Pressure Sensor for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle HVAC Applications

The Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the ZSSC4132- an automotive pressure sensor solution with an integrated certified LINv2.2a interface.

Maxim's MAXM86146 Dual-Photo Detector Optical Sensor Vital Signs, Electronics Components, Integrity, Fitbit, Health Fitness, News, Data Integrity, Health And Fitness

Thin Dual-Photo Detector with Optical Sensor and Integrated Algorithms for Wearable Health and Fitness Products

Maxim Integrated Products Inc. has introduced the MAXM86146 dual-photo detector optical sensor solution for fast and easy designing of sensors to make them fit with the thinnest optical sensors in wearable health and fitness products. The new device allows the designers of advanced wearable products to achieve a 45% thinner optical design instead of a discrete approach.

TMCS1100 and TMCS1101 Zero Drift Hall-Effect Current Sensors Hall Effect, Solar Inverter, Electronics Components, Energy Storage, Design System, High Voltage, Zero, How To Apply, Thoughts

New Zero Drift Hall-Effect Current Sensors for High Accuracy Current Measurement

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced theTMCS1100 and TMCS1101, zero-drift Hall-effect current sensors that enable the lowest drift and highest accuracy over time and temperature while providing reliable 3-kVrms isolation. TI has applied the expertise of both isolation and high-precision analog to the TMCS1100 and TMCS1101, this enables the engineers to design systems that will

Renesas' RE01 Family Embedded Controllers Electronics Basics, Electronics Components, Real Time Clock, Programming Tools, Dc Dc Converter, Energy Harvesting, Arm Cortex, Data Processing, Flash Memory

New Low Power Embedded Controllers with 256 kB Flash Memory for Compact Portable Designs

The Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced a new 256kilobyte(KB) flash memory variant to the RE01 Family embedded controllers that include the 1.5 megabytes (MB) flash memory embedded controller. The new ultra-low power consumption controller is designed based on the breakthrough silicon-on-thin-buried-oxide (SOTB) process technology and it is built around the Arm

ROHM's BD77501G CMOS Operational Amplifier Electronics Basics, Electronics Components, Anomaly Detection, Programming Tools, High Speed, Amp

High Speed Ground Sense CMOS Op-Amp with Gigh Noise Immunity for Industrial and Consumer Equipments

ROHM has introduced the BD77501G, a high-speed ground sense CMOS op-amp designed especially for industrial and consumer equipment that require high speed sensing such as anomaly detection systems used in measurement and control equipment along with sensors that work with very small signals.

PIC microcontroller tutorial with circuit diagram and code to interface a GSM module with microcontroller and make and receive calls using the module. Electronics For You, Electronics Components, Electronics Projects, Diy Amplifier, Serial Port, Circuit Diagram, Gps Tracking, Electronic Gifts, Pic Microcontroller

Arduino based Women Safety Device with GPS Tracking and Emergency Alerts

Here we build an Arduino and GPS based wrist band that can be worn by women, using which they can inform police or anyone, using SOS emergency SMS along with the current location. Using this information, the police will be able to save the victim from the location

GPS Module Vehicle Tracking System, Gps Tracking, Wifi Connect, Data Backup, Electronics Components, Circuit Diagram, Circuit Board, Arduino, Projects

Arduino based Women Safety Device with GPS Tracking and Emergency Alerts

Here we build an Arduino and GPS based wrist band that can be worn by women, using which they can inform police or anyone, using SOS emergency SMS along with the current location. Using this information, the police will be able to save the victim from the location