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Our CD "For Moments Never Done" reviewed by (inter)national magazines & webzines! Happy reading!
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an article in the progwered magazine
After ten years the Progwereld review for our album has been updated!! "To be honest, I count this record even among the best prog metal albums I have heard so far." Progwereld 2019.
a blue vinyl album with an image of a bird flying in the sky above it
10th Ann. Limited Edition
Special 10th Ann. Limited Edition Vinyl available as of September 13, 2019! Pre-order now if you want to be sure to get a copy!
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New For Moments Never Done stock...with a new label print!
an article about the book for moments never done
MENNO VON BRUCKEN FOCK "Een pretentieus stukje werk en hopelijk betekent dit erkenning voor een band die dat eigenlijk zeker verdient!"
an image of a website page with the words, your music blog hear it enjoy it tell it
Quote: “A shame I did not pick this up earlier!” Your Music Blog 2012
the cover art for cirrha niva's album, one moments never gone
For moments never done
For Moments Never Done (CD) 2009 Track list: 1. The Fooling 07'28" 2. Dreamon 05'07" 3. Framed 08'02" 4. Running From The Source 06'11" 5. Golan Heights 06'55" 6. Spring Before Winter 04'49" 7. Self-Chosen 08'15" Album info: All songs written by Cirrha Niva. © Cirrha Niva.
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Aardschok 85/100 NETHERLANDS (Dutch) "What a come back, what an album! EREMETAAL"
the front page of lord of metal's latest album, arch enemy - the root of all evil
Lords of Metal 90/100 NETHERLANDS (Dutch) "I salute Cirrha Niva's return…Bravo!"
the website for an upcoming book called, chhanna's by author and writer
Music From NL NETHERLANDS (Dutch) "High class metal that gains lots of respect!" ARTIST OF THE WEEK.
an advertisement for the movie cirrhan nava
Rock Tribune 92/100 BELGIUM (Dutch) "The CD almost blows your mind from beginning 'till end."
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Metalfan 90/100 NETHERLANDS (Dutch) "The best release from Dutch soil so far this year!"
a page in a book with the words cirha nva on it
Passion Progressive 3/4 FRANCE (French) "Strongly recommended to fans of progressive metal!"
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Veronica Magazine 4/4 NETHERLANDS (Dutch) "A fine piece of prog rock."
Magic Fire FRANCE 18/20 (French) "One of the Prog Metal albums of the year!" Prog Metal, Magic Fire, Album Of The Year, Musical, Interview, France
Magic Fire FRANCE 18/20 (French) "One of the Prog Metal albums of the year!"
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OOR Magazine NETHERLANDS (Dutch) "The best album Cirrha Niva ever made!"